Ecotourism and authenticity

Discovering the other, exploring new horizons, living authentic experiences - this is what constitutes the real luxury of today. There is no need for ostentatious wealth or pretense to appreciate a culture, a place or a moment in life.

My name is Cyril, I am a freelance photographer, an inveterate globetrotter, and this is my philosophy and my vision.

At a time when social networks, the race for likes and superficiality have taken over, I devote my work as a photographer and my energy to promoting this authenticity in all its forms. The small everyday details, here or elsewhere, which create the uniqueness of a culture, a city or a country, the know-how and talent of each person, the beauty of a product, a object, of an art.

“He who travels without meeting the other does not travel, he moves.”

When the photo becomes a social bond and meeting. These moments of sharing are for me the richness of each journey undertaken and have gradually become my own vision of luxury.

At the pace of my travels, I strive to cultivate in my own way this form of innocence and authenticity that is increasingly lost in today's world.

So if these values and these ideas touch you, if you are sensitive to these notions of valorization in an unfavorable time, then I invite you to discover my work and my commitment. Welcome to my world.





Eco tourism